Your Privacy is our Concern ! is built to help consumers find the best prices on relocation services in their area. We take great pride in the level of security and privacy that can be found using our services. Every piece of information that is collected through this website must pass through our strict standards of security. We have done everything within our power to maintain the highest levels of security and privacy for our visitors. Our website does collect data about you and how you interact with the content of the site. The information that we collect and how it is used can be found in this privacy policy.

General Information

In order to make our experiences better for consumers, our website collects anonymous information about its visitors. This information is not specific to any of our visitors. Information like IP addresses, access times, browser versions, and zip codes is collected. This information is then used to keep a strict level of quality throughout the entire website. Some of our advertisers may also use some of this information to help them target specific ads to different users.

Collecting Personal Information

In order to provide the services that we provide, we must collect certain amounts of personal information from our visitors. Information such as: name, email address and city are collected to ehlp determine which moving companies would be able to offer the best services. does not share, sell or rent any of this information unless otherwise noted within our privacy policy. All of the personal information that is provided by our users is simply used to process their requests. Third parties do get involved in the moving quote request process. These third parties are the moving companies, and we do not allow any of these third parties to share, rent or sell any of your information either. does not control the privacy policies of other website or third party companies, and therefore has no liability over the privacy policies of these companies. It is up to the consumer to review and understand the privacy policies of these third parties.

Security use industry security standards to protect all of your information in both electronic and physical form. We have done everything in our power to ensure that all of your information is protected during the moving quote process. While we have done everything that is possible to keep your personal information secure, we can't guarantee 100% security for any information that is sent through our network.

Legal Disclaimer reserves the right to disclose any and all of your personal information as required by law when disclosing this information is necessary.


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