Take the Stress Out of Moving With These Moving Tips

Stress and moving are two words that go together like apple and pie. It is almost impossible to have one without the other. Science has actually gone to work to prove that moving will be one of the most stressful events in a persons life, but don't let this frighten you. There are times when you simply can't avoid moving. It has to be done, and in order to remove the stress from the moving equation, all of us here at AAAMovingQuotes.com have come up with several tips that will make moving day a whole lot easier. Keep reading to find out the best ways to remove the stress from your move. Take a deep breath. It is not as difficult as you think it is.

Proper Planning

What could possibly be stressful about moving? If you already know all of the answers to all of the possible problems, how can anything be stressful? Stress is always caused by uncertainty or a lack of a solution to a problem. Proper planning and knowing exactly what to expect the entire duration of the move, is the best way to avoid any type of stress at all. The biggest tip that we can give you is to be prepared.

Get a Free Moving Quote

This is all part of the proper planning, and this is the area where we can help you. Our system will make it extremely easy to locate several affordable moving quotes from movers in your local area. You can start getting quotes in less than three minute simply by filling out our quick and easy form.

Create a Master Moving Plan

Moving will require a lot of work even if you decide to hire a moving company to do all of the physical work for you. You will still be faced with a multitude of tasks. Creating a master list of these tasks will ensure that nothing is forgotten, and it will also ensure that there are absolutely no surprises. Keep this list with you at all times. You can think of it as your cheat sheet towards a successful move. Here are some things to include on your list.

  • Take a room by room inventory and keep it on your list
  • Keep the names, phone numbers and locations of everyone involved in the move
  • Contact friends and family
  • Update addresses with financial institutions and credit card companies
  • Turn on utility services at new location
  • Turn off utility services at old location
  • The date and time that the moving company is supposed to arrive